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Georgians for Local Area School Systems is an advocacy group promoting the passage of HR 4 in the Georgia General Assembly and then by general referendum

Our Mission

To amend the Georgia State Constitution to allow the creation of Independent School Systems.


Before 1945, Georgia allowed local school tax districts.  The 1945 state constitution was amended to impose county based school systems and prohibit the creation of any new independent school systems.  Over the last 60 years, Georgia has seen a significant increase in its population.  Likewise, the size of the school systems has also significantly increased.  According to the Atlanta Regional Commission, the state of Georgia will continue to see explosive growth.  This growth will be mirrored in school system size.

In 1945, Georgia addressed the problem of schools systems being so small they were unmanageable.  Today we face the opposite problem where some school systems have grown so large they cannot meet the diverse needs of the students they serve.

Yesterday’s solution is today’s liability.

It is time for the state of Georgia to reintroduce local control of school systems.


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